Bo & Julie: Engaged

I still can't get over this couple and this amazing scenery! The Rocky Mountains really served us well during this engagement session. Could not have asked for a more perfect day. And these two absolutely killed it! When I say things like "want to go climb that mountain?" and they totally agree to do so without any hesitation, I know we are going to have a good time. We basically just explored beautiful Colorado, told our life stories, and took some photos. And this is my job?! Get outta town:)

Caleb & Maryrose: Wedding

Oh man. I have been seriously smiling while uploading these photos! I love reliving this day again. Caleb and Maryrose are the most down to earth, caring, and passionate couple I have ever met. And based on how many people came to the wedding and celebrated them all day, I would say they would all say the same about this power couple.  They are well loved by their families and church community. The whole day was one big party and, by the end of it all, everyone was a hot mess because they were all dancing so hard! Seriously... craziest dance party I've ever witnessed at a wedding. Wish I had a video for you all to see what I mean! But these two are an unbreakable force, and I was so happy to be the one to be there with them the whole day and capture it all. Cheers to love and dancing!

Maclain & Cali: Wedding

Oh these two are so adorable! I didn't meet them until the day before their wedding, but we clicked instantly. They are so down to earth, funny, extremely nice and generous, and the cutest couple you've ever seen. AND their wedding was at a family members cabin deep in the forests of the Oregon coast. Perfection.

This wedding spoke to my sole. It was just a small intimate wedding with their closest family and friends, and I was instantly welcomed as one of the family. I had breakfast with them, followed them around and took pictures while they set up the wedding, and then partied with them into the night. This wedding will forever be in my heart and I know Cali and Maclain will be in my life for a long time. THIS is why I love my job!

Rob & Vinessa: Wedding

Couer D'Alene golf course wedding. Groom is a Laker player (and 7 feet tall). Bride is a fashion blogger/makeup tutorial master. Bridal party looks like they were straight out of a magazine. All guests showed up to the wedding in a boat. Lake side view. Drinks all night long. Massive dance party. Couldn't have asked for anything more:) Enjoy!